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AND A FUCKING NATURAL SPRING WAS THERE TOO. Nbiish never tasted that cold and fresh before .

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That property had hella raspberries EVERYWHERE. Which of course had bear trails everywhere tooo…!D:

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I had some buddy’s too just in case a mkwa came to say hi

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I did a land survey with my dad off the trans Canada highway, right next to lake superior.  Beautiful territory. The land belongs to a gentleman, who’s fourth generation to own it, going back to the 1800’s. Cool shit.

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So my boyfriend and I snuck into the Protest The Hero show last night.  Nothing like a sweaty, Tuesday night local show!

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There is a company that will place cremation ashes inside of fireworks so that your loved one can literally “go out with a bang.”


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Beer Floating otherwise known as Kaljakellunta in Finnish, is a beer drinking event in Helsinki, Finland where people go down a river in anything that floats and get wasted. I Need to fucking go to this shit.

gonna miss this D: BUMMER

This is what every summer looks like on the Guadalupe in Texas!

I hope people clean up after themselves at an event like this. I feel like this would really pollute the river

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Want. So badly


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I can’t stop laughing 

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Holland’s article in Seventeen Magazine (September 2014)

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